We are dedicated to helping the people of Guatemala and contributing to the fight against poverty and hunger. By purchasing through this site (and www.worrydoll.com) you will be participating as well. Not only are you providing employment for the artisans who make these items, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to these organizations that we strongly support:

Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
The main focus of this organization is to educate children and adults alike to provide them the skillset they need to build a better future. They have built schools for children and started vocational programs for adults to learn trades such as carpentry, agriculture, etc. They also have a child sponsorship program and a widows and orphans program where they provide extra help in the form of food, water, and housing for the poorest families.

Friendship Bridge
This is a non-profit organization that promotes education to encourage women to make a better life for themselves and become self-sufficient and independent.

Guatemalan Folklore
This program is intended for young children who can not afford funding for school. There is a small group of kids who dress in traditional Mayan ‘traje’ and demonstrate folklore dances. The donations they earn are put into a fund for each child and it will pay for a full year of their education.

Miracles in Action
This charity seeks out projects in rural parts of Guatemala that will achieve long-term results and provide the education and vocational development needed for the poorest of the population to improve their quality of life. This includes scholastic scholarships, teacher training and materials, and a resource center. Other projects include providing healthy and safe living conditions, clean water, and nutritional supplements in some cases. Because this is an all volunteer organization, 100% of profits go to their projects.